Slow travel,
Good Life

Slow Travel Experience

The "Slow" concept began with the "Slow food" concept, started in Italy in 1989. It consists in using healthy, local and quality products, and taking the time to taste them. This philosophy is extendible, in a logical manner, to our way of life: living a quiet and unhurried rhythm without watching the time constantly.

“Slow Travel” is also possible. It is an alternative for those who do not want their holidays to turn into a race out of control from one outstanding and interesting point to another of the travel guide, without really getting to know the place well or without any time for relax.

Casa Elliot Hotel stops the time for you. It is time to relax and be filled with good energies in an ideal environment with a selection of activities carefully thought for that.

Join the Slow concept together with us… Let yourself go…

Slow Travel, Good Life